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HelpDesk - Compatibility and performances
This system was designed and developed using latest technology tools in order to obtain the best execution speed and a superior user interaction experience.

However, these technologies require that the PC fulfills some requirements and the browser rules allow an enhanced interactivity.

If you will encounter troubles in using the application, please check the following issues about your PC and the network connection before calling the helpdesk:
  • The internet browser must be up to date with the latest upgrades and patches. Internet Explorer 6.1 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher are recommended.
  • The internet connection must be broadband (ADSL or fiberoptics) or in any case should support a good data transfert rate.
  • The firewalls, both PC personal firewall and network firewall, must allow ordinary http traffic, script transmission, script execution. Avoid highly restricted settings.
  • The internet browser must be enabled to execute the script(check the browser settings from the appropriate control panel).
Even if all the requirements are met, the system may not be able to process all the incoming requests because of a peak of contacts. In this case please give up and connect again to the system after a suitable delay, in order to avoid server overloads.

If your system does not meet the above specifications, you can still access to the application using the high compatibility mode. This mode is designed to allow access from the older and more restricted system. If you need to switch from the high performance mode (standar mode) to the high compatibility mode, use the switch buttons below..
The current active mode is: Performance mode
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