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Dear Supplier, welcome to Saipem Qualification Management website
Criteria and main principles

Saipem Qualification Process is based on Corporate standards and international best practices, with the aim of guaranteeing a continuous quality improvement and maintenance of the Corporate Vendor Database, which is used by Procurement Departments of Saipem worldwide to invite Vendors to tenders.

Saipem Qualification Process is aimed to evaluate and verify Vendors’ general requirements, technical capabilities, financial strength, organizational structure, ethical and reputational aspects.

The Qualification Process is activated to meet Saipem business needs and strategies and can include one or more Commodity Codes for materials and services. Commodity Codes have been classified on the basis of their criticality (i.e. Highly Critical, Critical and Non Critical) as it follows:
  • Technical Complexity/strategic importance for Saipem business activities;
  • HSE criticality.

Qualification process outcome

The Qualification Process activity is carried out by a multidisciplinary team that evaluates the Vendor on documental basis and, if required, also carries out an assessment visit at Vendor premises.

In case an assessment visit is performed, Vendor is immediately informed about any observations and non-conformities detected during the visit, through the issue of an Audit Closure Report. This allows Vendor to be aware of the measures to be put in place in order to fulfil the required Saipem Corporate standards.

In case of positive outcome of the Qualification Process, Vendor will receive a Qualification Letter with the details of qualified Commodity Codes; this document can at all effects be utilized by Vendor as valuable reference.

Qualification status validity

In general, Vendor qualification validity will last 3 years from the approval date and could be renewed in case of contract award for the specific Commodity Code object of the contract.

Qualification process fees

The management of the above activities represents for Saipem a noteworthy effort which requires the same motivation and commitment from Vendors. For this reason, the qualification process could be subject to a fee to be paid by the Vendor; the fee is calculated according to Vendor characteristics (Manufacturer/Service Provider or Dealer/Reseller) and to the number and criticality of Commodity Codes object of the qualification process.

The amount and payment terms will be communicated to Vendor before starting the Qualification Process through Saipem Qualification Management Portal. This will ensure the full traceability of operations, the sharing of information within Saipem and the transparency between Saipem and Vendors.

The request of an economic contribution is ascribable only to the management of the Qualification Process activities to be conducted by Saipem S.p.A.

It shall NOT be considered in any way as a guarantee of a favorable outcome of the Qualification Process, neither as assurance of a future involvement in bids launched by Saipem nor as a payment request in order to award a contract.

The qualification fee paid will not to be refunded in case of Vendor decision to stop the qualification process or of negative outcome of Qualification Process.

The submission of your qualification request to Saipem will be considered as a full acceptance of the above described conditions.

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