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Dear Supplier, welcome to Saipem Qualification Management website
Saipem qualification process is based on mandatory and agreed rules according to objective criteria. This allows us to feed and update a Vendor Database from which Procurement Departments belonging to all Saipem branches worldwide can select the suppliers to be invited to tenders.

Saipem Qualification process is aimed to evaluate and verify Vendor’s general requirements, technical capabilities, financial strength, organizational structure, ethical and reputational aspects. The qualification process is applied to each single supplier in relation to one or more predefined Commodity Codes and is activated to meet the actual business needs and strategies. The first step of Our Vendor evaluation process is based on the evaluation of documents and information provided by the Vendor and, depending on the selected Commodity Codes, it could be completed by an on-site Assessment Visit performed by a multidisciplinary team of auditors.

The management of the above activities represents for Saipem a noteworthy commitment which requires identical motivation and availability on the part of our vendors. For this reason, in order to initiate the activity, we hereby inform you that the qualification process could be subject to a fee to be paid by the Vendor accordingly to its characteristics (Manufacturer/Service Provider or Dealer/Reseller) and to the number and typology of Commodity Codes selected. This economic contribution is ascribable only to the management of the qualification process activities to be conducted by Saipem and should not be considered in any way as a guarantee of a favorable outcome to the Qualification process, nor, for that matter, can it ensure the involvement of your company in future bids launched by Saipem.

Stated what above, the submission of your qualification request to Saipem shall be considered equivalent to a full acceptance of above conditions.

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